Fallen Branch Farm Lifestyle

Enjoying Country Living

With so many new visitors to the farm and their many comments and questions, we decided to add a lifestyle page.  Check this page for special menus, gardening, farming, animal care, landscaping, and decorating ideas.  We will continue to share ideas seasonally that we hope you will find interesting and useful.


Host a  Reveillon this Christmas Season

French Canadian Comfort

Embrace the Christmas season with French Canadian traditions.


Nose To Tail

Out of respect, we believe in using as much of  the animal as possible.  Paul renders the fat from the pigs to be used in creating excellent pastry.  The lamb fat is rendered to create tallow which is great for cooking (think roast potatoes!).  Of course we make stock from all of the bones from poultry, pork, and lamb.  Our lamb hides are tanned to create beautiful skins.  We have learned to cook using cuts and parts that are not commonly used.  Look for some of these recipes in our recipe section.  Some of our favourites include pork neck ragu and lamb neck tacos.


Celebrate St. Patrick's Day! don't have to be Irish

Everyone's Irish on St. Patrick's Day!  Try these easy recipes to help celebrate.  Just add a nice Irish stout.  Slainte!


Our Country Home

Living in the hills of Carrick, South Bruce.

Join us as we continue our country adventure in our timber frame home.

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