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Meet Fallen Branch Farm

the pigs

Our Heritage pigs definitely add a lot of character to the place.  It is amazing how smart and affectionate these large animals can be.  You have to see them roll in a mud puddle on a hot day and they love people - a lot!  They love to chew boots and rub all over you.  Watch out or you might end up on the ground.

Pastured Heritage pork is well known for its juiciness and unique flavour which is much sought after by chefs world-wide.


Berkshire pigs originated in the English countryside of Berkshire over 350 years ago being one of the oldest identifiable breeds.  These pigs are hardy and perform very well outdoors.  The meat is darker than commercial pork and more flavourful than pork from your grocery store.   Berkshire pork is preferred world-wide by chefs for its flavour.  Tamworth pigs are also a heritage breed from England and are also very hardy being well-suited to Canadian winters.  Tamworths make great mothers and their meat is red and leaner than Berkshires.

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