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Meet Fallen Branch Farm


Kit is our barn cat.  We decided that Kit needs his own page for many reasons.  Kit first showed up at the farm in July 2016 meowing at the kitchen window as we were eating our supper.  He was emaciated and malnourished and could barely move.  Our suspicion is that he was dropped off at the side of the road by someone who didn't want him.  This occurs often in the country and is so wrong and cruel.  We started to feed him and gradually we began to gain his trust but, it was a long slow process.  During the warm weather he slept outside and when the cold weather came he moved into the barn on his own.  He sleeps in the hayloft where he burrows through bales of hay.  He has developed understandings with the other barn tenants which are humorous to watch.  Kit has taken on an important role at the farm.  Despite his small size, he is an excellent hunter and keeps our mouse, chipmunk, and red squirrel populations under control.  He performs regular perimeter patrols, chases leaves and butterflies, and often joins us as we perform our chores.  As the afternoon winds down he always shows up on the porch or in the barn for some social time.  Perhaps the biggest reason for dedicating a page to Kit is that no one other than us ever actually sees him!  He does exist and he is a great little guy.  He just doesn't like strangers.

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