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Meet Fallen Branch Farm

the turkeys

We raise two types of heritage turkeys at Fallen Branch. Not only do they look different than the typical large breasted white turkeys most producers grow, they grow at a slower rate, and the meat is more flavourful.  A slower growth rate eliminates many health issues and lowers the mortality rates associated with rapid growth in poultry. Our turkeys are all free range and only come it at night to roost.

The Orlopp Bronze breed (pictured) can attain a large size and has the look and taste of an old-fashioned turkey.  There is a good ratio of white to dark meat so there is something for everyone.  They look beautiful as they strut and display their plumage in the yard.

We also raise a French artisanal breed called Artisan Gold which are very unusual in appearance.  They have very long black legs, black eyes and they are also very boisterous and loud.  Growing very slowly, their mature size is much smaller than other turkeys.  Artisan Gold turkeys have a higher percentage of dark meat and large drumsticks relative to their overall size.  The white meat has a golden colour to it.  We love to cut ours into pieces and cook them on the BBQ.  They have a thicker layer of fat under the skin that keeps the meat very moist and juicy.

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