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Meet Fallen Branch Farm

the geese

Frederick is a Pomeranian Saddleback goose. The Pomeranian goose is a European breed originating from Germany as early as 1550.  These geese are a heavy set, medium sized meat bird weighing 15 -17 pounds.  Saddlebacks are only found in North America and are noted for their head, backs, and flanks being coloured buff or grey.  The rest of the body is a solid white.  They have beautiful blue eyes and their bills, legs, and feet are a bright reddish orange. Martha, Fred's mate, is a Toulouse. Originating from the French city of Toulouse, the Toulouse Goose is a domesticated goose primarily raised as a farm animal or meat goose.  Earliest records indicate that the Toulouse Goose existed as a domesticated breed well before the 1500s, but the Toulouse did not achieve real fame until the 19th century when Lord Derby introduced the breed to the United Kingdom. It was prized for its liver in the French delicacy Pâté de foie gras.  Fred and Martha have very docile personalities and can usually be found in their pond or following Paul around the farm as he's doing his chores.

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