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Our Garden Transformation

As any gardener knows, the garden is never really finished.  The garden is a living structure and changes throughout the seasons and over the years.  Constant tweaking occurs as you observe and work in the garden.  I would like to share the evolution of our garden with you as it evolves over time.

When we first moved in we spent the fall cleaning up the existing landscape, observing existing plantings, and preparing for winter.  We just wanted to see what was existing and what we did and didn't like before we ran into making any big changes.  

We did know a couple things that needed to be changed ASAP.  The front wooden steps were deteriorating and unsafe.  Also, the large paved parking area was too overwhelming and we really needed a vegetable garden.  All of these areas of need were addressed by removing a large area of asphalt, adding topsoil and compost and by removing the existing steps and replacing with stone steps.  A patio with small fire pit was installed in the garden.  Decorative edging was installed along with a peach tree, elderberry bushes, black currants and gooseberries.  All of this was completed by the beginning of May so we could plant a vegetable garden.  Every homestead needs a vegetable garden!

The pool area was surrounded by concrete, rock, and a small pond.  To soften the look and feel of this area we installed planting areas around the pool and pond which we highlighted with a decorative rail fence and planted with perennials and a couple plum trees.  This also provided space to plant garlic, asparagus, rhubarb, herbs, and a grapevine to further the agricultural vibe to this area of the property.  We also built a shade structure to provide much needed shade.  Half was covered with a steel roof (matching the barns and house) and the other half was left open to provide structure for the grape to climb.

Other projects we needed to address were building a retaining wall next to the barn and creating two rain gardens to catch rain water and slow its flow.  Armour stones were used for the construction projects and have been used repeatedly throughout the property to provide  a sense of rhythm.  

In the fall we planted thousands of spring and summer flowering bulbs around the house.  These included, daffodils, allium, tulips, crocus, fritillarias, lilies, scilla, and more.

Throughout the year we change up planters with seasonal annuals, branches and evergreens.  


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