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Winter Returns

After the January thaw, winter returned to Fallen Branch Farm this weekend. The snowy weather is exactly what we needed to slow down a bit and enjoy the animals and some home-cooking. There is nothing like being snowed in to force you to relax and enjoy the little things that life has to offer. We even found some time to read and relax between chores and snow removal. For supper we slow cooked one of our Muscovy ducks in green olives and herbes de Provence. Delicious! We sat in the sunroom and watched the snow blow around us while we drank home made beer and black walnut wine. Life is good!

Saturday was a good day for baking home made bread and Irish apple cake and for cooking up a big pot of hearty vegetable soup to keep the chill away. It was so nice to have time to enjoy being with the animals, research animal care, and plan the new pond. We also ordered Chanticler chickens for the spring. They are a true Canadian breed developed by the monks in Oka, Quebec. In the evening, we even watched a movie we had been wanting to see

without falling asleep. "Rams" is a great Icelandic film that, of course, focuses on Icelandic sheep.

Sunday was a true "snow day". After chores, shovelling, and lunch we spent a few hours jut hanging out with the animals. The geese enjoyed just sleeping in the snow. We spent time siting in the shed with the sheep and seeing how beautiful and gentle they really are. The goats, of course, have to follow us around like puppies and get into trouble along the way. There was lots of running, jumps, flips, and eating. I guess we don't need those Christmas planters anymore! Kit, the barn cat, ventured out along the shovelled areas and into the garage and seemed to play tag with the goats. The pigs are huge! Nellie and Maggie should deliver mid-February. The snow is so deep that there bellies drag in the snow. For supper we had tourtiere -more comfort food. I can't wait till we can make it with our own Berkshire pork. Then, super bowl, half-time show, This is Us and bed at midnight! I know we'll be back to the farm routine Monday.

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