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Roasted Free Range Chicken

We have tried a few ways of cooking our free range chickens.   This is our favourite way to roast our Rustic Rangers.  Grown on pasture, these free range roasting birds will weigh between 4 and 6 pounds.



Shakshuka is an easy, healthy breakfast (or any time of day) recipe in Israel and other parts of the Middle East and North Africa. It’s a simple combination of simmering tomatoes, onions, garlic, spices and gently poached eggs.  It’s nourishing, filling and one recipe I guarantee you’ll make time and again.  We use our Merguez sausage,but you can make this a vegetarian dish as well.


Doro W'et

Doro W'et is a spicy chicken stew known as the national dish of Ethiopia.  This is a great recipe for anyone not afraid of a spicy dish.


Bacon and Leek Quiche

This is a perfect any time of day recipe that may be adapted to use other ingredients you may have on hand.  We like to use our flavourful Berkshire bacon and leeks from the garden, either fresh or frozen.  You can use a prepared crust from the store or try out the pastry recipe  we use that's made with our own lard.


Ground Turkey Sloppy Joes

When you have a craving for comfort food try these healthy and filling Sloppy Joes made with ground turkey and packed with big flavour.  Keep the leftovers in the fridge.  They're even better the next day.

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