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Busy times. Lots to share!

It was a busy and unpredictable time at the farm this past month. The cold weather persisted and we even ran out of firewood. Piglets were castrated and sent to their new homes March 30. On Easter Sunday, after a busy day travelling to see family and looking after animals, I cut my hand chopping wood and ended up spending the night at the hospital waiting to get stitches. Not a relaxing end to a hectic Easter weekend!

Follow this by a winter blast that left us house bound for a few days. We were lucky enough not to lose power and we scrounged up enough firewood to keep warm. Buried under snow and ice, the animals were confined to the barn. After 3 days we finally dug out so we could take a trip to the feed mill to replenish our supply. We also picked up a batch of Chantecler chicks that had been waiting for us since before the storm. They have since settled in nicely.

The weather began to change. We moved the piglets that we are keeping for ourselves back in with the parents. The mothers were not impressed and it took several days for everyone to get reacquainted. Of course, Oliver was oblivious to all the commotion.

Victoria and Albert have started mating. Construction of the pond is on hold because of the weather so we dragged out the kiddie pool for them. They're happy. Albert is extremely protective this year so we now have a guard goose at the farm. Watch out!

On April 23 we finally got our first blast of heat and our first lamb was born. Maisie was overdue and Paul and I were getting worried. The delivery was a bit of a challenge and Maisie needed some assistance to deliver a big baby girl, Georgia. Georgia had trouble feeding so we gave her bottled colostrum for the first 10 hours. Finally she latched on to her mom and Paul and I could finally get some sleep. Now we are waiting on Poppy who is due in about a week, we suspect with twins.

We've been busy playing catch up now that the weather has improved. Pasture areas are all cleaned and ready. Fallen branches (I know, eh!) from the storm have been cleaned up. Lawns are raked. Planters are out. Patio furniture is out. Vegetable garden is dug and potatoes went in today. It started raining so I found time to blog but, the sun is out and I should head out to plant onions, spinach, peas..... The rest of my seedlings are doing great. The pond is on hold till mid June ,unfortunately, but we have lots of work to keep us busy till then. I guess the brood honey has been a hit at J&P so we're taking 15 more jars in tomorrow. That will be it for the season.

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