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Weaning Day!

Well, yesterday was weaning day. We've been dreading it since the piglets were born. Weaning pastured pigs is a lot trickier than with...


Well, spring made a brief appearance at the farm. The bees were buzzing, the sap was running, the animals had a few good days lazing in...

Out and About

The moms have moved their families in together and you can see that they are all getting along great.

First babies on the farm!

It's been an exciting and busy time at the farm. Valentine's Day marked the arrival of our first babies being born at Fallen Branch. ...

Winter Returns

After the January thaw, winter returned to Fallen Branch Farm this weekend. The snowy weather is exactly what we needed to slow down a...

A sunny day!

The pigs are enjoying a sunny day and a treat. It's not quite February but we are already planning for and anticipating spring. Nellie,...

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